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Announcement: On July 16, 2020, a coordination meeting of law enforcement officials will take place

It is reported that the militants do not allow children who are on the territory of ORDLO and want to enter Ukrainian universities to enter the territory of Ukraine.


«The militants understand that these children will not return, but will stay to work and study in Ukraine, because there is a difference between what is happening here and there.

In this situation, our reaction, our work, including with international partners, is needed to resolve this issue«, — said the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmygal, transmits «UP».

He also added that this is part of a deoccupation strategy that will return young people and children from the temporarily occupied territories to the Ukrainian educational and cultural space.

This situation will be asked to take control of Deputy Prime Minister Oleksiy Reznik.

They also plan to connect the Ministry of Education and Science.

As the journalist and the representative of Donetsk region in TKG Denis Kazansky reports on the page in Facebook, the occupiers prevent young people from leaving under the pretext of quarantine.

«There are indeed many young people living in the occupied territories who want to escape from the reservation.

For them, entering a Ukrainian university is a chance to leave the ghetto. But after Ukraine abolished the EIT for children with ORDLO, the militants were afraid that they would lose their youth and closed people’s doors. Under the pretext of quarantine«, — said Kazansky.

He explained that now the permission to cross the demarcation line is issued by the «interdepartmental headquarters of the DNR.»

And he releases only those who have a residence permit in the controlled area.

«Applicants are specially kept in captivity so that they lose time and cannot study in Ukrainian universities.

In response to all requests to allow departure, fighters answer that it is necessary to enter «universities of DNR«, — the journalist claims.

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