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An elite residential complex is being built on the land of the Paton plant in the center of the capital

The heart of Ukrainian science or the headquarters of crime? Huge Land Bank, Doubtful Real Estate Schemes and Even Murder of a Executor — National Academy of Sciences attracted attention StopCor. More about corruption in the National Academy of Sciences — in the exclusive investigation of Asya Shevchenko.

One of the high-profile scandals is related to the land in the capital Pechersk. It is here that historical monuments, the government quarter, and land and real estate are the most expensive in Kyiv. Since 1959, a research plant named after Paton, the father of a great Ukrainian scientist and part-time president of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, has been located here.

2002 on the basis of the State Enterprise «Experimental Plant of Welding Equipment of the Institute of Electric Welding. Ye. O. Paton ”a closed joint-stock company with the same name“ Experimental plant of welding equipment of the Institute of Electric Welding named after Є.О. Paton.

Its co-founder was the State Property Fund of Ukraine, which contributed to the statutory fund of CJSC state property (buildings and premises) at the address: Kyiv, st. I. Kudri, 5 worth over UAH 12 million. Then, in 2007, the FDU transferred its share to the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, while the property and share remained state-owned (81.5%).

The shareholders of DZZU were the State Property Fund of Ukraine, and since 14.05.2007 — the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, which had 81.5% of the authorized capital, CJSC Transnational Industrial and Financial Group «Interagrotek», which had 6.3% of the authorized capital, LLC «Exploveld» (also 6.3% of the authorized capital) and — the biggest surprise — the subsidiary open joint-stock company «Orgenergogaz» of the open joint-stock company «Gazprom», which had 5.9% of the authorized capital.

The territory of the Paton plant has become a tasty morsel for developers Photo: StopCor

The company has inherited a large property complex in Pechersk since Soviet times, where the plant operated. This property complex included a land plot of 4.1 hectares, as well as the factory buildings located on it.

All buildings and premises of the factory complex belonged to the state in the person of NASU and were on the balance sheet and at the disposal of DZZU. The land plot belonged to the plant according to the documents of the USSR, but was not registered according to the legislation of Ukraine. By law, in this case, the land must belong to the person who owns the property complex located on it.

However, the plot turned out to be too tasty a piece for influential people. Journalist Yuri Kolesnikov recalls that when the swaying around the property began, the police, whose department is located just around the corner from the plant, could ignore the calls for hours.

«It simply came to our notice then. Although there was pressure. And then, as far as I remember, someone was killed at the academy. He was under a lot of terrible pressure. And after that there was silence, that is, they immediately stopped addressing journalists, ”the reporter said.

And later new skyscrapers began to appear in this area. And they no longer belong to the state, and scientists do not live there at all…

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