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About UAH 2 million in losses — an ex-official of the Department of the State Executive Service will be tried for abuse of office

This is stated in the study «Fundamentals of the Russian ecosystem of disinformation and propaganda», reports Ukrinform with reference to CNN.

The published report is 77 pages long and focuses, in particular, on the fact that the Russian government uses propaganda channels to promote misinformation about the coronavirus pandemic as it spreads around the world.

The report states that the «ecosystem of disinformation and propaganda of the Russian Federation» consists of five main pillars: official government communication channels, international broadcasting, state funding, development of proxy sources, use of social networks as weapons and disinformation in cyberspace.

«The Kremlin is directly responsible for cultivating these tactics and platforms as part of its approach to using information as a weapon,» the report said.

According to the report, Russia has «implemented the concept of constant competitive competition in the information environment, encouraging the development of a misinformation and propaganda ecosystem that allows for diverse and overlapping approaches that reinforce each other, even when individual messages within the system seem contradictory.»

The document mentions seven sites and organizations that disseminate misinformation — The Strategic Culture Foundation Global Research, New Eastern Outlook, News Front, SouthFront, Katehon and

It is noted that between February and April 2020, the above-mentioned sites and organizations disseminated critical information about the United States, including the COVID-19 outbreak.

As reported by Ukrinform, US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo said that the country is ready to pay $ 10 million for information about persons involved in illegal cyber interference in the US elections.

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