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A suspect in the attack on a representative of a public organization was arrested in Odesa

This was stated by Interior Minister Arsen Avakov during a coordination meeting of law enforcement officials on the state of combating criminal offenses against public safety and order, as well as committed with weapons, ammunition or explosives in the Office of the Prosecutor General.

«The issue of maintaining order on the streets of our cities is a cornerstone of the activities of law enforcement agencies, and, above all, the National Police. Public safety in public places depends on the effectiveness of law and order during mass events. Security is beyond political spectrum and manipulation. This is the main task of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In the first half of this year alone, almost 90,000 mass events took place in the country. And only three actions are qualified as crimes against public safety, «Arsen Avakov said.

The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs stressed that an important tool for combating street crime is the introduction and widespread use of video surveillance systems by the National Police.

Today, almost all regions already have comprehensive video surveillance and video analytics systems «Safe City», information from which is actively used by the police. These systems allow speeding up the detection of offenses and perform a significant preventive function of ensuring public safety and order, «said Arsen Avakov.

According to the minister, the police already use information from more than 27 thousand video cameras. Two thirds of these video cameras transmit images to the situational centers of the GUNP. Some of them are endowed with the functionality of recognizing vehicle numbers. A comprehensive system of rapid response and interaction between territorial bodies has been built. An algorithm for priority actions of police officers in responding to events with a high degree of threat has been developed and implemented.

«Thanks to these steps, it was possible to ensure the disclosure of most of the robberies and robberies» in hot pursuit. » At the same time, the average time spent by police to arrive at the scene after receiving a message from the service «102» is not more than 13 minutes, «- said Arsen Avakov.

According to him, false reports of mines are a negative factor that affects the state of public order and security.

«However, thanks to preventive measures, the number of such crimes has halved compared to last year — from 775 to 379. At the same time, every fourth crime has been solved,» Arsen Avakov added.

Also the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs reminded that yesterday The government supported the bill of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on strengthening the responsibility for knowingly false information about the threat to public safety.

«Another factor that negatively affects the state of protection of our citizens is the commission of crimes with the use of weapons, the main factor of which is its illicit trafficking. According to official data, during 2013-2016, more than 78,000 units of various weapons were stolen and lost. Almost all of it is in illegal circulation. Thus, in the first half of 2020, 3.4 thousand criminal offenses related to illegal handling of weapons were documented. More than 2,000 people have been reported as suspects. 616 rifled firearms, 1,800 grenades and 101 grenade launchers were seized from the illicit traffic, ”Arsen Avakov said.

According to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 193 crimes have been committed with the use of firearms since the beginning of the year. Three quarters of them have already been disclosed. The investigation in 257 criminal proceedings has been completed. Of the 32 premeditated murders and assassinations involving firearms and explosives, police have uncovered 27.

«I hope that the results of today’s meeting will develop constructive proposals and ways to solve problems in ensuring public order and security, as well as improving the crime situation in the country as a whole,» said Arsen Avakov.

In turn, the head of the National Police Igor Klimenko noted that this year the National Police is performing its functions in conditions of increased workload.

«For the fifth month in a row, police officers are taking all necessary measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection — they serve in quarantine posts, provide security for medical facilities and observation facilities, monitor compliance with quarantine restrictions. The police did not stay aside and provided active assistance to citizens and local authorities during the elimination of emergencies — the consequences of floods and large-scale fires, «said Igor Klimenko.

The head of the National Police also stressed that law enforcement officers managed to prevent the aggravation of the criminogenic situation:

«On the contrary, the preventive measures taken helped to stabilize it. The total number of crimes committed decreased by 18% compared to last year, including such particularly serious types as premeditated murders, grievous bodily harm, including those that caused the death of the victim, as well as robberies — by a third «, — said Igor Klimenko.

Department of Communication of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

Photo by Andriy Novytsky

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