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A serial thief of car batteries was detained in Volyn

In Kyiv, a US citizen strangled a resident of Odessa. The killer was detained by law enforcement officers at Boryspil airport.

Photo: National Police

This was reported on August 26 in the capital’s National Police, reports «ASPI».

It turned out that the 61-year-old man met a woman born in 1986 in the city center. They exchanged phone numbers and agreed to meet.

While drinking alcohol, it seemed to him that she was trying to pour an unknown substance into a glass. The attacker grabbed the woman by the neck and began to strangle her. He later realized that she was not breathing and hid her body behind the sofa.

The landlord who rented the house came to announce the expiration of the relevant period of use. The foreigner said that he felt unwell and urgently needed to go to the hospital. The ambulance took the man to a medical facility. The owners, having started cleaning the apartment, found the woman’s corpse.

The killer escaped from the hospital. Police organized appropriate operations and detained the suspect at the airport. He tried to avoid punishment and leave the borders of our state.

The deceased has five children left.

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