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A new park will appear in the village of Kotovsky in Odessa | Odessa news

Park «Enthusiasts» will be created within the boundaries of Zabolotny, Paliya, Vysotsky and Sakharov streets.

The Executive Committee of the Odessa City Council voted for the creation of the Entuziastov park on the territory of the Suvorov district, and also appointed the Gorzelentrest KP as the customer for the development of design estimates and the implementation of works on its improvement.

This was reported by the correspondent

We are talking about 4 hectares of territories within the boundaries of Zabolotny, Paliya, Vysotsky and Sakharov streets. According to early plans, a kindergarten was to be built here, later, in 2015, they wanted to build a sports training arena for Eurobasket, but the championship was moved from Ukraine and this project was not implemented.

“The Suvorovsky District is developing dynamically, there are many construction projects underway, and the place for the park is also suitable. After coordinating with the locals, we started moving in this direction. In June last year, at a meeting of the city council, we gave a working title to the project — the park «Enthusiasts», which has already entered the list of parks in Odessa. Now bureaucratic work is underway to establish its boundaries and develop land management documentation. This is not a day’s work, but the process has been launched and another park will appear on the green map of Odessa «, — said the mayor of Odessa Gennady Trukhanov.

The city authorities are planning to complete the construction of the park of enthusiasts next year.

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