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A mattress began to deflate at a great distance from the coast: drowning children were rescued in the Khadzhibey estuary (video) | Odessa news

A fisherman helped the patrolmen in the rescue.

On the Khadzhibey estuary, a 16-year-old girl and her five-year-old brother decided to have fun and swim on an inflatable mattress while the adults were resting on the shore. The current carried them further and further. The adults heard cries for help and swam to the children, but they could no longer get to the shore on their own — the mattress could not bear the heavy weight and began to deflate.

Seeing that people could not reach the coast on their own, eyewitnesses immediately called line 102.

According to the press service of the patrol police in the Odessa region, the inspectors who arrived at the scene took a boat at the ship station and, together with the fisherman, rescued the drowning.

After making sure that the lives of the brother and sister were no longer in danger, they were taken home.

The law enforcement officers had a preventive conversation with the parents.

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