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A man was killed in a grenade blast in Donetsk region

Billions of debts to banks, raider seizure of land and business in the annexed Crimea — this is the recipe for wealth of the owner of the construction company T.M.M. Mykola Tolmachova. Influential patrons like Viktor Pshonka were also present. Why is the top scammer still not punished? But what is the «Laughter League» for here? Maria Gural found out.

Pension «Sevastopol» in Yalta is located in an ancient evergreen park area. From here to the promenade — only 10 minutes on foot. The territory has a swimming pool, parking, serious security. You need to book rooms here in advance, and a day off will cost from one to four thousand hryvnia. Prior to the annexation of Crimea, the institution was called TMM-Yalta and belonged to the Ukrainian company TMM

After the Russian occupation of the peninsula, the owners of the hotel changed. Since 2016, the boarding house is owned by the Cypriot company TMM Real Estate Development Public Limited. This is evidenced by an extract from the Russian register.

Since 2016, the boarding house is de jure owned by the Cypriot company Photo: screenshot

At first glance, it looks as if a Ukrainian company, after the occupation of Crimea, simply sold the business. But in reality everything is not so simple. Since the owner of this Cypriot company and the Ukrainian LLC «TMM» one and the same: Mykola Tolmachov — CEO of the developer and a regular in the domestic ranking of the rich.

According to FOCUS magazine, back in 2011, Mr. Tolmachev’s assets were valued at more than $ 800 million. The businessman ran for the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the 4th, 5th and 8th convocations, but was never elected.

But the financial director and co-owner of LLC «TMM» is Larysa Chivurina — part-time wife of the editor of the comedy show «League of Laughter» Andriy Chivurin. Note that this show was once created by the studio «Quarter 95» led by Ivan Bakanov — this is such an interesting coincidence.

So, it turns out that since 2016, the hotel Tolmacheva and Chivurina re-registered in the annexed Crimea, and now he regularly pays taxes to the Russian budget.

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