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A man hunted down the thieves in Odessa who robbed him in the capital | Odessa news

An investigation team was called in place.

On July 16, the police received a message that a man was screaming for help on one of the city streets.

Arriving at the place patrolmen found a man who held the woman’s hand and did not let her go. He explained that two weeks ago in Kiev, money, a mobile phone and bank cards were stolen from him.

Already in Odessa, a man recognized one of the thieves and detained her. According to the press service of the patrol police department, the victim also said that his stolen phone appeared on the network and, thanks to a special application, can indicate his exact location.

Law enforcement officers examined Gymnasicheskaya street, interviewed local residents and found an apartment where stolen things could be. After inspecting the premises, the police discovered another woman with a stolen gadget.

The victim recognized his phone and woman — according to him, she was also involved in the theft.

To establish all the circumstances of the incident in place, the inspectors called the investigative-operational group.

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