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79th anniversary of the heroic defense of the city is celebrated in Odessa (photo)

The townspeople laid flowers at the monument to the Unknown Sailor.

On August 5, on the Walk of Fame in Shevchenko Park, a flower-laying ceremony was held at the foot of the monument to the Unknown Sailor in honor of the 79th anniversary of the beginning of the heroic defense of the city from the German-Romanian invaders during the Second World War.

Reported by the correspondent

The event was held in compliance with quarantine standards. It was attended by representatives of the city and regional authorities, as well as veterans.

Note that the heroic defense of Odessa from the German-Romanian invaders lasted 73 days — until October 16, 1941 by the troops of the Separate Primorsky Army, the Odessa Naval Base and the Black Sea Fleet with the active participation of the civilian population.

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