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50,000 hryvnias from an entrepreneur — DBR detained an employee of the State Tax Service in Kharkiv region (VIDEO)

In the port of Nikolaev there is a cargo which can provoke explosion more powerful, than in Beirut. This is 3,200 tons of old ammonium nitrate, which has been stored there for two years, he said

Activists note that such a load could provoke an explosion much stronger than the one that occurred on August 4 in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon.

The edition quotes the chairman of the public organization «Center of analytical researches» Andrey Senchenko who notes that this cargo is in the Nikolaev port two years and concerning it several criminal proceedings were opened.

«On September 18, 2018 the ship» Tuzla «with 3200 tons of expired nitrate came to the Nikolaev seaport, on 12 berths. The shipment procedure started, but the environmental inspection refused to clear the cargo. In addition, the environmental inspectorate appealed to the State Consumer Service of the region, customs, prosecutor’s office, SBU and police. The ship left, and the cargo remained in port. What attracts attention is the volume of cargo. Nitrates even more than flew into the air in the port of Beirut «, — wrote Senchenko.

According to Senchenko, the shipment was from Kazakhstan. He was sent by rail to Georgia, and from there by ship brought to Nikolaev.

In the Nikolaev seaport reported that dangerous freight was taken out in 2019. The press service of the Nikolaev seaport reports about it.

«After tragic explosion in Beirut in mass media there was information that in the territory of the Nikolaev seaport there is ammonium nitrate which was brought in 2018. The administration of the Nikolaev seaport officially refutes this information as it doesn’t correspond to reality. Export of a party of ammonium nitrate from the territory of the Nikolaev seaport was completed in the beginning of 2019. At the moment, the remains of the cargo of ammonium nitrate, which was shipped from «Tuzla», are absent in the port «, — it is told in the message.

It will be recalled that a large explosion occurred in the port of Beirut on Tuesday evening. The blast killed at least 120 people and injured about 5,000. Lebanese Interior Minister Mohamed Fehmi said the blast could have been caused by a warehouse containing large amounts of ammonium nitrate.

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